soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s nadzemní patkou
soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s podzemním pouzdrem
soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s prodlouženou nadzemní patkou


About the pool lift

soline® tiby

Soline® tiby – a sleek professional portable stainless steel pool lift – is a certified medical device that offers safe, reliable, convenient, fast, controlled and easy assistance when moving in and out of the pool.

Thanks to the battery electric drive, you can lift even very corpulent users out of the pool.

Soline® tiby – a portable flexible stainless steel pool lift – is suitable for the elderly, people with limited mobility, people with arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, muscle loss, people after polio, stroke, those with impaired motor skills, other medical conditions or just for those who have trouble getting out of the pool.

The use of this pool lift is hardly limited. The pool lift can be used indoors and outdoors in swimming, spa, massage and especially private and possibly other pools or whirlpools.

soline® tiby 

  • allows safe and reliable transfer to and from the pool
  • facilitates physical therapy in your swimming pool or whirlpool
  • allows you to use your pool according to your needs
  • allows it to be installed at a greater distance from the pool edge
soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s podzemním pouzdrem

Two versions

The soline® series pool lifts are cutting edge on the market today not only thanks to their incredibly large lifting range, arm reach and small dimensions, but also thanks to the variability, design, safety and other technical parameters with special regard to long service life.

soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s nadzemní patkou


powered by a battery-powered electric motor at a safe voltage of 24 V via a hand-held cable controller


powered by a hydraulic aggregate, which is driven by means of a manipulating lever by manual pumping

soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s prodlouženou nadzemní patkou

Why soline® tiby?

soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s prodlouženou nadzemní patkou

tiby is safe, reliable and quiet

  • safety and reliability is our top priority, which is why soline® tiby is designed and certified as a medical device with a minimum useful life of 10 years (excluding batteries and wear parts) and a 3-year warranty (excluding battery warranty)
  • the total lifting capacity of 150 kg is another interesting safety feature
  • thanks to the ingenious mechanical locking after 45˚against unintentional rotation of the lift during mounting or dismounting, you will always be safe
  • safety and security is also ensured by the belly strap
  • thanks to the safety STOP button for increased safety in case of adverse events
  • thanks to the second battery, which is always included in the delivery, you can always be sure the lifting operation of the pool lift will complete
  • thanks to the external battery charger
  • thanks to the plastic seat with folding handlesyou can also get in from the side
  • thanks to the belly strap
  • to ensure that you are not disturbed during operation, the highest quality silent drive from a leading European manufacturer is used
  • thanks to the stable seat design without any rocking
soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s nadzemní patkou
soline® tiby - bazénový zvedák s podzemním pouzdrem a opěrnou nohou

tiby is ergonomic and aesthetic

  • attractive, practical and functional design
  • thanks to its simple and sophisticated stainless steel design, it offers ideal assistance and support when moving to and from the pool
  • offers enough space for your feet
  • offers ample space thanks to the wider seat
  • minimises assistance from carers
  • thanks to the partial covering that protects the electrical parts and thus extends the life of the pool lift

tiby is variable and easy to use

  • thanks to fast installation and commissioning
  • possibility of using one lift in more placesthanks to the possibility of fitting more feet
  • thanks to electric lift and control via hand-held remote cable control
  • with the extended folding hand lever, you can safely and easily turn the entire pool lift 360˚ freely (unless you use the anti-rotation lock)
  • thanks to the optionto use both the seat and the hanging rail for bathing bags

tiby is flexible

  • With the two types of stainless steel attachment(above ground foot, underground housing) the pool lift can be installed in almost all places, but always taking into account the dimensions of the lift and the requirements of the design of the attachment
  • thanks to the choice of quick and easy replacement of the seat with hanging rails for bathing bags

tiby is adjustable

  • be in control – at any time during the lifting or lowering process you can stop the pool lift at the most comfortable height position for you
  • on request, the length of the pool lift arm can be shortened to the required length

tiby is mobile

  • the stainless steel structure is loosely inserted into the mounting (feet), so that the pool lift can be pulled out and moved to another, pre-prepared location

tiby is durable, practical and hardworking

  • elegant, yet high-quality robust stainless steel design with high lifting capacity of 150 kg
  • thanks to a really large lifting range
  • certified medical drives ensure a long life for your pool lift
  • minimal maintenance and operating costs
soline® tiby – pool lift with underground housing

soline® tiby – pool lift with underground housing

soline® tiby – pool lift with above ground foot

soline® tiby – pool lift with above ground foot

Technical specifications

  • Lifting capacity of 150 kg
  • Lifting capacity per handle: 80 kg
  • Lifting height range 1600 mm
  • Seat height in the maximum position from the floor: 800 mm
  • Seat height in the minimum position from the floor: – 800 mm
  • Maximum turning radius (without user): 1800 mm
  • Maximum height: 2185 mm
  • Minimum height: 1545 mm
  • Material: painted stainless steel structure 1.4301
  • Possibility of fitting several feet and only one lift
  • Individual adjustment options
  • If an underground footing is used, the height of soline®tiby will be lowered by 190 mm
  • Dimensions are approximate and may vary by manufacturing tolerances

Dimensions are approximate and may vary by manufacturing tolerances.

Bazénový zvedáik soline® tiby - specifikace

More choices for Tiby

Foots for attaching the pool lift

  • Above ground stainless steel foot, painted (for mounting the pool lift above the ground)
  • Underground stainless steel foot (for concreting and subsequent mounting of the pool lift below the ground)

Note: Version with stainless steel foot is the basic setup

Method of transfer

  • Version with seat
  • Hanging rail with bathing bag

Note: The version with seat is the basic version


  • Without headrest
  • Headrest (black PUR, height adjustable)

Note: The version without headrest is the basic version


  • Without footrest
  • New footrest in the RAL colour of the lift

Note: The version without footrest is the basic version

Height extension

Without height extension

  • Low extension h400 (for overcoming edge heights up to 1010 mm)
  • High extension h700 (for overcoming edge heights up to 1320 mm)

Note: The version without height extension is basic version

Frame colour

  • White gloss RAL 9003
  • Other RAL colours

Note: RAL 9003 Gloss White is the basic version

Anchoring the above-ground foot of the pool lift

  • Without anchoring material (I have an underground foot for concreting or I have my own anchoring and connecting material)
  • Anchoring with threaded rod (4 stainless steel threaded rods, washers, nuts, Fischer chemical anchor). Note: If dismantled, the above-ground footing will stick out above the ground
  • Anchoring by means of recessed stainless steel threaded bushings for chemical mortar and screws (4 stainless steel threaded bushings for concreting, washer, stainless steel screw, Fischer chemical anchor). Note: The ground will remain level after the dismantling of the above-ground footing

Note: Design without anchoring material is the basic version


  • I do not want installation (I will do the installation myself at my own responsibility)
  • I want installation at the delivery address… the exact price will be specified based on the delivery location by a new email after the completion of this order. Once the installation price has been agreed, a separate invoice will be issued.

Note: Without installation is the basic option

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